She is a beautiful girl , doomed with a curse that will only allow her to live till the age of 30. Blessed with various skills, she can become a Hunter, Herbalist or Explorer. She can later specialize in Sharp Shooter, Voyager, Seal Master and Cleric.

Level 1 - 20

She may be vulnerable to attacks during that period of time and therefore, can be killed easily. To prevent this from happening, fight monsters that are high in health but low in damage. This will allow her to kill many monsters and earn much experience points while being able to stay at that spot for quite a long time, without dieing.

Level 20 - 30

This is where her powers starts to awaken, the seeds inside her cultivates. She will be able to support her party members and fight more monsters that are about her level. Her team support ability is something that should be commendable for as it allows her to constantly heal her teammates while they are fighting. This will allow her teammates to stay alive longer and destroy the monster.

Level 30 - 45

To be continued ...